Championing the Sweet Science

IMBoxing was started by an ex amateur boxer and boxing fan who got interested in the sport during his childhood after joining a local gym and following the career of modern great, Oscar De La Hoya. Daily viewing of Oscar’s exceptional talent in the ring helped him to foster an appreciation for the sport’s technical aspects, while also encouraging him to research further into boxing’s rich history where he discovered other “greats and legends” from the peak of the 1920s Golden Age and thereafter.

Though he never transitioned from amateur to professional, he remained an avid fan and created IMBoxing to honor the greats and legends of the “Sweet Science” from the 1920s to, arguably, the last great era of the 2000s.

At IMBoxing, we hope to not only cater for casual and hardcore fans alike, but to also create an interest for newcomers to the sport via remembrance of the glory days of its past.